Product feedback for apps of all shapes and sizes. Privacy included.

We make receiving customer feedback easy.

Complete Toolbox

Get started quickly

Cross-platform framework with minimal footprint.

Real-time reports.
Feedback reports become available in the dashboard the moment we process them.
Capture in-app user feedback
In addition to our SDKs for mobile and desktop, we also support incoming feedback via email and Mastodon.
Feedback reports may include an attachment like a picture, screenshot, video, or audio recording or a PDF document. As a developer, you can add additional metadata and custom attributes to each feedback report.
GDPR Compliance.
Feedbackbulb is a single, convenient hub for all your customer feedback. We ensure that anonymous feedback reports are processed securely. Our toolbox does not collect personal information by default, has no client-side telemetry, and we never user cookies for tracking.
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Truly cross platform

Everything you need to get feedback

Easy to get started on iOS, Android, desktop the web and more.

Iluminate your product's potential, responsibly.
Your secure, privacy-focused feedback solution. We respect your users' privacy, providing encrypted, GDPR-compliant services. Gather invaluable insights while ensuring personal data stays personal. Offering an optional feature to remove all user information post-reply, we help you focus purely on feedback.
Illuminate your user's voice in real-time.
Stay ahead with Feedbackbulb's real-time feedback stream. Keep it open like a dynamic wallboard - instant updates, new reports ready to tackle. With Feedbackbulb, never miss a beat in managing user feedback. Illuminate your user's voice in real-time.
Bring every piece of feedback into one hub.
Incorporate voices from diverse platforms - Email, Fediverse (Mastodon), and more. Check out your app's settings for available channels in your region.
Light the way with responsive feedback management.
Reply effortlessly with Feedbackbulb's outgoing channel support. Directly address feedback reports from our platform. With Feedbackbulb, responding to user's voice is as straightforward as it gets.